Our Values

What is “Progress in the OR” ?

Progress in the OR is this willpower to go beyond, to discover, to go ahead… and improving at the same time.

It is our mission statement for patients.

In order that patient is perfectly treated, we need a reasearcher to find to find the right product, a manufacturer to produce it efficiently, a pro-active distributor to spread it quickly, and obviously a doctor to use it in the right way !

Idimed is taking is part to bring progress to the OR. We are listening to users’ needs and get the feedback to our suppliers. When we do not have the right product already available in our catalog, we also help you to find it thanks to our suppliers network.

Idimed, is a team of men and women, fully commited to our mission statement “Progress in the Operating Room”. And we think we are more concerned than others in this will to bring progress and to make progress in the OR. That’s mean to be more efficient, to keep on improving, both individually and collectively, to share our knowledge and our know to reach this goal.

We invest in our quality process. For instance in being sure about delay and treacability  while working with our drugs and medical devices specialized logistics partner. We also give your the most updated product database (over 500 references) which is avaible to any salesman while in your Operating Room.