Thermofusion 3 mm

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Product reference :  JR-SE20

Manufacturer :  Bolder Surgical

Description : The 3mm thermofusion clamp is a patented technology that is unique on the market. Dedicated to minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. To be used with a JR100 generator. The power adapts to the chosen tissue without prior setting. 

Usage : Neonatal surgery and pediatric surgery.  

 Characteristics :  

  • Diameter of 3 mm 

  • Generator power adapts to the tissue (max 25 watts) 

  • Low thermal dispersion

  • Optimal and fast tissue fusion (< 2 sec)

  • Reduction of the patient's post-operative pain

  • Better accessibility/dexterity in the cavity for the surgeon

Packing :  6 units per box. 

Single-use sterile medical device.