Digestive and Bronchial Endoscopy

Product range for Bronchoscopy, Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, and Enteroscopy

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Biopsy forceps 

Bronchoscopy, Gastroscopy

- Sheathed or unsheathed 
- Smooth, serrated or alligator bits
- With or without sting
- Cold ou hot
- Several diameters and lengths available depending on the model

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Foreign Body Clamps

Bronchoscopy, Gastroscopy et Colonoscopy

- Alligator, pelican or rat teeth bits
- Diameter of 1.8 or 2.4mm (depending on model)
- Several lengths (depending on model) from 100 to 230cm

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Sclerosis Needle 

Gastroscopy, Enteroscopy, Colonoscopy 

- Several diameters (depending on model) of 21, 23 and 25 gauges
- Several needle lenghts from 4 to 12mm 
- Several lenghts from 100 to 230cm 
- Metallic tip and tapered extremity

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Polypectomy handle

Gastroscopy, Enteroscopy, Colonoscopy, Bronchoscopy

- Cold or hot
- Oval or hexagonal 
- Rotary or non rotary
- Several diameters and lenghts available (depending on the model) 

But also basket/threaded handles, tooth block, grasping forceps, spray catheters and much more. 

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