Surgical smoke management

Product range for Smoke Suction, Filtration and Precipitation 

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A range of ULPA filters 

  • ULPA = Ultra Low Penetration Air

  • 99.9995% efficient filtration of 0.1 micron particles (bacteria, viruses, fine particles...)

Buffalo Filter No. 1 worldwide in Smoke Filtration

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Aspirators for open or closed surgery 

  • The most powerful and the most silent on the market 

  • Automatic triggering of the suction



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Buffalo Active Carbon Filters 

Conformity to ISO 16571 : 

  • Filter closure when not in use

  • System with pre-filter and liquid absorber

  • Suction flow rate of superior to 500 liters/minute 

  • Elimination of at least 90% of the smoke

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          Electric scalpels with integrated suction  

          • The most ergonomic on the market

          • Non-stick and interchangeable blade (non-captive)

          • Telescopic suction tube


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                Electrostatic precipitation of smoke 

                • Solution for laparoscopy  

                • Ultravision generator

                • Reusable adapter for connection to the plate of the electric scalpel 

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